>>Sunday, February 12, 2006<<
We have a plan!! So we think......
So, here we go (it's the summer of 2004)....all excited and feeling led to adopt. Now what do we do?. I went to Stephen Curtis Chapman's adoption site.

There were so many resources there....we just soaked it up. Then, I learned the power of GOOGLE! :) WOW!!. Let me tell you how many adoption sites and Yahoo groups are out there. It is amazing. We realized that we were being led towards Ukraine and Russia. I am listing some of our favorite Ukraine Yahoo Groups that are very active and give great information. The first two of course are local to where we live in North Carolina. But, I am sure there is a local Ukrainian yahoo groups for every state if you search for it.

Then, below are also great resources for Russia adoption. They have been extremely useful for us.

So, for a year we researched everything we could get our hands on about adoption ........we thought we had a plan. :)

"A man makes a plan in his heart, but God directs his path" Proverbs 16:9

We came to a stand still. We felt such a strong calling in our heart to adopt. But, we didn't know where He wanted us to go. We didn't know where our child was. We said to ourselves "Well, I am not sure I want to do diapers again, lets go older and lets get a boy....oh...maybe a girl....oh maybe from here....oh maybe from there". You get the picture, we were trying to figure it out ourselves. Finally, we let go and let God.

Life started to happen and we got busy with our girls and work, and life. So, we thought that maybe adoption wasn't where we were supposed to go. Maybe we were blessed enough to have what we have. But, that tugging feeling never let go.

One day in Sept/Oct '05 a post went out about hosting a Ukrainian orphan for the holidays. BOOM....it hit us like a ton of bricks. We knew that we were being called to do something, but, we didn't know where God wanted us to go yet. But, we knew that God wanted us to bless a child that had nothing. Wow.. did God have a different plan than we thought......