>>Tuesday, February 14, 2006<<
And the Angels sang.....

The day that our host child arrived at the airport, there were 2 other host families waiting for their children and we had so many friends, family and neighbors there waving the American flag and balloons. We had a banner up welcoming all of the children to the US.

When we saw Alyona (our host child) coming down the stairs, it was as if an angel floated down the escalator. It seemed like skies opened up and cherubs sang from above. It sounds crazy, but, time stood still for us. Alyona ran straight towards me and gave me the biggest hug. Tears ran straight down my face.

It was amazing, she then went to Sophia and Maya (our two girls) and gave them a gift.

We were so touched. All we could think about was here is a child who has nothing and she is giving our children a gift. We were so smitten with her. All of the children got together and immediately bonded. It was such a beautiful sight to see.