>>Thursday, February 16, 2006<<
Where do you go from here?
There was a part of us after hosting that left us so confused. We just "knew" that God had brought her into our life to be our child. Why else would HE have done that?. Well, as I explained, we truly believe that she was an instrumental part of leading us to our son. We believe that we are helping and have helped her find her family.

There is never a night that goes by that we don't pray for Alyona, and Yana, Alyosha and Lelia all of the children that came to NC that were here as Host children that greatly impacted our lives. They didn't just come here for no particular reason. They were destined to be in our homes. Before even Alyona left our home, we jumped right on our adoption boards that we have grown so closely too and sent out the word about this beautiful child in need of a home. We have no control over what will happen next. The NAC in Ukraine was closed, it is now opened back up but with certain provisions. We can only pray that her family is out there waiting for her and in my heart of hearts, I know they are. I feel it deep in my bones that they are on there way now or soon to be. I feel the same way about the other children.

Have you ever had that "vibe?" that feeling that you just knew that all was well?. We did. But, where did that leave us?

To cheer up the girls, we rearranged their rooms to make it look brand new and give some new life back into the house without Alyona around. Sophia had been asking for a brother in her stocking for Christmas. Well, as well all know...it just doesn't work that way.

Blake and I had our devotion one night and we did that same look as we had done so many times before... and we both said it at the same time "I want a son". We gave each other a big hug and felt like all the guilt we have been feeling about Alyona was gone because we knew she was in God's hands.

So...how does a son just fall into one's lap?......