>>Thursday, February 16, 2006<<
HALF TIME: We forgot to introduce ourselves
Our Honeymoon
Typically, most people start out their blogs with the portion "About Me". Well, we never have done things normally, so why start now? I figured it was about time to tell you all a little bit about our family.

We are the Ellavsky's (I can hear you now trying to pronounce it "AALLOOWWSSY" ELLLLAVASSKKSY") Let me help you a little with our last name. When you pronounce it, it sounds like you are saying Alaska, but, with an I (ALASKI) does that help? :) Don't worry, anyplace I go..if they can call us by our first name, i know they are talking to us.

Blake and I (Caroline) live NC with our two beautiful daughters (No, we are not biased at all :) Big Sis is 5 1/2 and she is our little actress, dancer, singer and one little girl who absolutely loves school!!
and Little Sis is 2 1/2 and she is well.... what is the word to describe a jumping bean? She jumps wherever she goes. She doesn't walk...she just jumps!!! She is very active and aggressive (but, a dollbaby) She is our tomboy. We are terrified for when she starts sports and the coach calls us and tells us what she has done to the other team. We have some work to do with her "independent streak" ;)

As my very Southern father would say "M is like a bull in a china shop". Get the two girls together and well, you can imagine our house. :). We have a lot of fun. I love to dance too...so, at night, we turn on the music and we start to boogie. Blake loves photography, so, he gets the video out and shoots all of our wild antics. I can't quite get the girls to do the "Raise the roof"...the are not as ummmmm can we say "Old School Hip Hop" as their Mom :) ha ha!!
But, we listen to everything.

Blake works for a great company. He is into Product Management for an e-procurement company. That is how we actually met. His true love (besides me) is photography. Can I tell you how fantastic he is? I know he is my husband and I am supposed to brag. But, he is so humble and I constantly tell him he should enter contests. He is now into blogging big time and doing PodCasts on the side with his friend critiquing Movies and TV Shows. You have to check out their website...The TV Oracle.

As for me, well, I did the big time corporate thing for a long time. I know I am only 36...but, it felt like a long time to me :). With our second pregnancy , I became very sick with Pre-eclampsia and it became a bad situation. I had no other choice but to deliver her early. She was sent to the NICU for a collapsed lung and I had to stay behind because I was still in the hospital myself. Two months later, I lost my big corporate job. One month later, Blake lost his father at a very young age to stomach cancer and 2 months later my father had to have his leg amputated and he too got cancer. SHAZAM!!! CAN WE SAY "WAKE UP CALL?!?!" My whole life seemed to be focused on career and getting ahead and trying to be the perfect career woman, wife, mom, SUPER WOMAN!. But when all of that happened...those things seemed to just disappear. I transitioned into Staying at Home by consulting for a while. I had an identity crisis there for a time. But, I will leave that for a whole other Oprah show (who happens to be my all time favorite person). Finally, I am getting my groove together. I have enjoyed working with one of my closest friends on getting her own business started. For all of you dog lovers out there...YOU HAVE to check out her website. www.baileyandwags.com I am so proud of what she has done with her business. I can only take a very small amount of credit. It was such a fun project.

Now, I do freelance work here and there and I work part time. I love it!. I feel like me now. I am able to take our girls with me to work when I go. S is in school and loving it. I have made great friends with all of the Mothers in her class. I feel like I belong again. I am actually working on the biggest dream of my life. It has been a year that I have worked on it, and it may take me umpteen more years. But, the beauty of it is...I am living out a dream. I am writing a screenplay. Two in fact. One about my husbands father who was an undercover FBI agent, and another one which is a fictional/fantasy screenplay. I have been a writer all of my life and I have had a little actress in me. At the tender age of 6 years old with my moms platform shoes and her makeup on...I did proceed to give my Academy Award speech :) (that is the truth)

I was headed down that road as a youth, but, as we all know...life takes us down different paths sometimes. So, here I am full circle... married to the man I love with 2 of God's greatest gifts (Sophia and Maya) and I am FINALLY writing my screenplay! YEEHAW!!

Oh by the way, I don't say "Yeehaw" around my in-laws because they are all from Boston. So, instead, I ask "Where did ya pak the caw?" Ha (don't hurt me northerners ok?!?!) I am now part North and a lot South and a bit of California. That is one of the best places on earth that I have lived. Sorry folks...that is the truth. But, back to my in-laws.... I have the best in-laws the world could ever ask for. We are blessed. Truly blessed.

And as for my family....we are tight. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My parents live nearby so they are always so helpful with the kids. And I talk to my sisters and brother all of the time. My bro is a DJ, my oldest sister is an author (she is famous..I like to brag about her too...check out her website http://www.cdavisfreelance.com, and next in line is my other sister who is a Music Teacher and boy can she sing!!!.

Just so that you know we are a RED SOX family. We are split between the Patriots and the Carolina Panthers. We are Wake Forest fans. I can't help but still pull for Carolina Tarheels Basketball (because when I was a kid living in Wilmington, NC...I watched Michael Jordan go all the way..I even wrote to Coach Dean Smith to ask for the teams autograph when MJ was there). So, we have a diverse house. And it is awesome. And sometimes, I even love the Miami Dolphins (used to live in Florida too)

So, now we are at a place that we feel that it would be a detriment to my health to have a third child and to their health. We are feeling the need for a little blue amongst the pink around here.

SO.....that is just the tip of the iceberg about us... but, it is a good start :)

Oh ...How could we forget our precious Bulldog (Lilly) , as you can see in this picture ...she is dolled up for Christmas. It still doesn't seem to make her look feminine does it? Oh well, she is our sweet heart. Next to her is our other love....His name is Stilts. His legs are like walking on stilts and he constantly looks pregant. Lilly and Stilts like to pretend they don't like each other...but, it is a complete farce. :)

Anonymous Michelle said...
Okay you are gorgeous, miss thang in your wedding dress!

I want to know more about that cute fairy looking outfit that little dog is wearing. I don't normally dress my dog, but I'm into fairies and pixies, so maybe she will have to model some doggy clothes for me :o)

And I absolutely love the pic with Alyona,Sophia and the kitty! Cute! Cute! Cute!