>>Monday, February 20, 2006<<
Swelly Belly
So, here we are filled with so much excitement and love and bursting with everything. Now is the time I should bust out with some kind of song and sing to everyone "We found our son, we found our son, la la la la la". Things should go be going smoothly, right?

Well, it did and I was singing, but, I did it when I was coming out of anesthesia. :) I think I told you all that we never do anything normal. So, again, why start now?

I had an very unexpected major surgery a few weeks back, this would explain all of the postings back to back. I have finally had time to get our blog up and going. And I have certainly had a lot of down time to do it. No worries, I am fine now. It takes a long time though to recover from a hysterectomy. Which I had no intention of ever having, but, life throws curve balls sometimes and hey...I played softball, I know how to catch! :)

The same day that my "Swelly Belly Band" from HysterSisters (for hysterectomies) came in, I thought that was the best thing on earth. I could slap that thing on my swollen stomach that looked like it was 6 months pregnant from the surgery and I was happy as a lamb (another southern slang term for you). But, beneath that package was something that was beyond even holding "Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket". The return address was from Homeland Security.

It was as if time stood still. I opened it up so incredibly slow. I was so scared that we had missing paper work or that we were denied from the government. Then I read those words "You have been accepted"....and there was a lot more and then it said that "we have sent a cable to Moscow".

Now, picture this for me. I just was out of the hospital for a week and 1/2 and I was walking up my driveway putting on my Swelly Belly Band reading this document. Now, picture when your favorite football player makes that touchdown and does his "dance". You know the one...the one where he makes every kind of crazy move there is and throws the ball to the ground. Well, envision me and my Swelly Belly reading "You are accepted" and doing the "Dance" oh yea...it was a sight to see... jiggling and shaking saying "oh yea...that's right...uh huh" and then ripping off the Swelly Belly Band for a Touchdown Victory Final dance. SHEW!. Got to take a breath....I am reliving the moment now.

Needless to say, I was in need of a wheelchair to get back up to the house. (just kidding..but, it felt like it)
Blogger Dennis said...
Yea, Sugah Pie, you never have been what we all call normal!!!!
But you Mother and I and your sisters and brother still love you.
The wording for being happy is not happy as a lamb. It's "As happy as a hog in slops" You just tried to citified it now that you are living in CARY..I would rather be in BUNN.
I am very proud of you and Blake and the two girls. And I am very happy about your adoption plans..
I thought I sent a blog to you a couple of weeks ago but I guess I didn't do it right.
Mom and I just wanted you and Blake know how very proud of you we are.I love your blogs.