>>Saturday, February 25, 2006<<
I have something to say (sorry for the rant)

OK.....I need to rant...so, if you don't like rants...no need to read this one. :)

I am on a lot of boards as I have mentioned. I ran across a message on one of my boards that just really got me to the core. I fully believe that we are all entitled to our opinions and thank goodness for that. But, I also believe that some of the opinions that people give are based on ignorance. So, since I get to have the freedom of speech..here I go.

The comment was on a board that I am on for ladies who have had a hysterectomy and this particular comment was about how they were no longer able to conceive a child. She said that she already had a child, it just saddened her that the "thought" of no longer having anymore really saddened her. She said that she could always adopt as well as others who could no longer have children. (this was not the part that got me)

WELL, then another poster got on and said that she completely and absolutely disagreed with the above poster. She said that adoption should not be an option for anyone. She said why would you want someone elses "dirty laundry". OOOOOOH......do you see my face burning right now??? Anyway, she proceeded to say that she knows, because she is the authority on this (what? are you Tom Cruise now? just joshing with ya tom, but, seriously..what happened to you????) because her Mom and Dad had adopted 2 other children and one of them went crazy.

Now, take a wild guess which statement got to me. I have heard SOOOOOOO many comments about adoption, it isn't even funny. Hey, I have heard from people I know well. "You don't know what you are getting" Do you think that Ted Bundy's mama knew what she was getting and he was a biological baby? HELLLOOOO???? Jeffrey Dahmer? Need I go on?.

Forrest Gump's Mama said it best "Life is like a box of chocolate's....you never know what you are going to get" (I had to add a little humor there). But, the point is. No, you don't know what gene pool you are going to get. But, there are hundreds upon thousands of children on this earth that are without a home. And ladies and gentleman, whose responsiblity do you think it is to do something about that? OURS. We live on this great earth and we can't ignore what is going on.

The other big comment that is made is "Why are you adopting from Russia when there is thousands that need a home right here in America?" That is always a tough one. But, one thing is....when God said to be a Father to the Fatherless did he say "Be a Father to the Fatherless in your own country". We are a member of this entire universe and we are all contributors to it. So, our son happens to be a special needs child in Moscow, Russia. We don't want a handshake or a pat on the back saying "what a great thing you are doing". No, we were meant to be with him. We were meant to be a family. And thank goodness for his birth parents... (I know that statement shocks many), because if they wouldn't have birthed him..we wouldn't be going to Russia and being blessed with a beautiful boy.

So, please do me a favor...when talking about adoption....think about what you say. Adoption is not this great deed we all are doing. It is a responsibility we have to take care of the children of this world. And maybe you are not suited for adoption. Ok, I get that. Then sponsor a child. There are great organizations. I have sponsored a child from Kenya since 1995 through World Vision. My dream is to meet her one day. Her name is Philisia. Find your local Boys & Girls Club chapter. Host a child for the summer, or the Holidays. But, don't stand there and look away and act like these children are second class citizens or have "bad genes". You don't know where they come from and they need a home and love just as much as you do. Yes, there are risks. But, there are risks to anything you do in life. Just get educated before making blanket statements.

And one more thing while I am at it :) If you are one of those people that at the sight of seeing children makes you shudder..then you are the ones that should really step up and do something for them. I know you are blinking your eyes and looking at this computer as if you have read something wrong. The law of Karma/Life, whatever it is....will come back to you. I was one of those people. I have always loved kids. But, when I was a business traveler, I would see children on a plane and I would think " Lord, if you just would put me in the seat farthest away from them, then I promise to do better". Sure enough, I would get put right in front of the kid that would kick me. Then, one day, something will happen in your life that is traumatic or life altering and you wished you wouldn't have made those sort of comments. God saw me through those tough times and I have done everything I can to pay back for the "eye rolling" in my younger years when I heard a child crying or the "smirks" that I gave parents because I thought they couldn't handle their own. Trust me. Life comes back around on you. I am blessed ten fold now by having two beautiful children and one that is waiting for us. I smile when I see people rolling their eyes at me when one of mine is on the floor in a temper tamtrum. I think to myself "one day, you will see..either through your own or another way"

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions as I mentioned before, and I respect that. I hope you respect what I have said here. I just think that there is so many children in this world that are neglected and backs are turned on. The children of Hurricane Katrina, they need our support now more than ever. I feel like we have forgotten about them as a country and as a world. My personal opinion is...if you live on this earth, you need to take ownership. And ownership does not mean just existing. That's all I've got to say 'bout that...
Anonymous Dan Hills said...
I love "dirty laundry" just as much as my own little brats.
That lady is not very nice.
Lets SPAM her. :-)

Nice rant.

Very funny smarty pants Dan!!. :) You most certainly don't have brats...you have beautiful children and another beauty in Ukraine waiting for you. Congrats!! How exciting is that?!?! We will be in Eastern Europe at the same time... CRAZY!! :)