>>Tuesday, February 21, 2006<<
Waddling forward
Truthfully, I thought the only time that I remember waddling was when I was pregnant. So, to be waddling again after this operation, actually ticks me off :) I waddle down the stairs, from one end of the hall and back. Oh, it is a pretty sight my friends...pretty (NOT!) ;)

But, that is the only place where waddling is happening. Because the whole adoption process has taken on a marathon pace. Tomorrow (Feb. 21) we are getting everything notarized, which is a whopping 23 documents. Then, on Wednesday we are getting it all apostilled. No...I didn't just speak Russian. I said Apostilled. I thought it was a foreign word myself. :) In laymen's terms basically it means the state has to stamp that the notary is valid.

THEN....it goes off to our Agency, and off to Moscow. THEN...the wait begins for our court date. Rumor has it that it will be soon in March. Which is wild to think that in less than 4 weeks we will file our court documents with Russia and then meet our son. It will break my heart having to leave him. But, the way it works is that we come back and wait for our Final court date, which we hope is about 4 weeks out. Then, we can either go back to Moscow for 21 days or split that trip in half. We haven't decided on that one yet. But, after that, he comes home with us. He could be home by May.

OR another way to look at it is, he will be home for Red Sox season baby!!!!. WOO HOO!. Sorry Yankee fans. I love ya anyway.

Which, can I go on a rant for a second here?. About a week or two after the Red Sox won the series... I took the girls out to our community pool wearing my pink Red Sox hat and Sophia had her pink Red Sox shirt on. Well, directly across from us was a woman and her kids with their pink Yankee hats on. Who would have thought that in North Carolina that there could have been a potential show down between a Yankee Fan and a Red Sox Fan at a local pool. Luckily, we were classy women. I pointed to her hat and shrugged my shoulders and said "Sorry", she politely said "It is ok". Shew....adversity avoided. I would have hated to had to have made little Maya put on her swimmies and Sophia put on her life jacket and race the Yankee fan kids in the pool. Crisis averted!

Back on track..... sorry for the rant. It is a wild time around our household. I am trying to recover. But, I am a type A personality. I can't sit still for long regardless of Dr's orders. I have to be getting the kids rooms ready for his arrival. Of course, like we need any other projects. Both girls want to change rooms and have it re-painted. Not that Maya knows what she really wants. She is just following sis' big lead. So, Blake is up until ungodly hours painting and working his real job and trying to get all of our documents together. But, we like sports analogies.... we just keep looking toward the finish line when our baby will be home with his family.

It sounds so strange to say that our son is coming home.......

Thank you to Jennifer on Flickr for this picture.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your blog is incredibly entertaining! We are currently waiting for our first trip to visit 3 older children we hosted and are in the process of adopting... after submitting a 134 page dossier. We can all use some comic relief... I hear ya "hystersiter"! From another GRIT...~KL

134 page dossier?!?! Oh my!. I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking that 23 pages was a lot. Congrats on your visit and your adoption!. We would love to hear from you and hear how things are going. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!!!.
And your right comic relief does help though these times. I have always been that way!. Thanks for your nice comments.

Anonymous Dan Hills said...
You are a Red Sox fan?
I knew I liked you for some reason. I LOVE THE SOX!!

Oh, and the other stuff in your blog is worth reading too. :-)