>>Friday, April 28, 2006<<
I have been tagged (it is a week overdue)
Sorry Tricia for not posting a week ago when I got tagged. But, I am catching up on everything now!.

So, as most of you know..this tag is 6 wierd things about me. Oh, this one is SOOOO easy!!! Coming up with 6 other people who have not been tagged is not easy... :(

(1) I love putting french fries in my milkshake. It is that sweet and salty thing :)

(2) When I was a kid and I would go out on the pier...I would hang on to the side rail and tip toe on each board. I was scared to death that I would fall through a crack!

(3) I cannot stand "smacking" of any kind. Smacking your gum, your food... it can take me from zero to sixty in a nano second!

(4) I have a foot "issue" if you will. I don't like my feet, and I don't like people looking at my feet, touching them..nothing. I love having a pedicure...but, that is the only time I can get over my issue.

(5) When I was pregnant, I put Dorito's in my ice cream. (back to that salt/sweet thing again)

(6) I can speak with several different foreign accents and make my voice go to a very high octave like a cartoon character.

You said to list wierd things about myself. Are you afraid of me now? You should be. ;)

this is probably against the rules, but, I need to think about who I can tag next. everyone has been tagged. I will have to write that in a different post.
Anonymous Chrisann said...
Hi Caroline!!!

I kinda have come addicted to reading this blog. It's like watching a marathon on TV and just itching to see the tape being broken as the first runner crosses the line. I just can't wait to read from you, "We just walked out of the orphanage with Nikolai and we are going home."

I am wishing you and your family save travels, a patient heart over the next 24 hours while you await that "offical" moment, and a great day. I can't imagine what it is going to feel like when you walk out the door for good with your son.

Big smiles,


PS. Thank goodness I am not the only person that likes to dunk her french fries in a milkshake. My husband think that is utterly disgusting!

Blogger ipodmomma said...
when I was a kid I liked dipping my buttered toast in my chocolate milk...

do Russians have a think about mixing sweets and savouries? the English sure do! Don't do it!!! :)))

our pastor is Polish, and he doesn't have a problem with it.

Blogger jeneflower said...
I like french fries dipped in milkshakes too.