>>Sunday, April 23, 2006<<
Standing in the center.....

of the earth....or at least that I was told. Right behind me is a circle in front of Red Square that is supposed to be where the center of the earth is. So they say.... Beats the heck out of me. Normally you can walk on it or stand on it, do whatever you want. But, NYET....no....not this afternoon. Today, is Easter in Russia. So, a lot of areas were restricted in rememberance of the Holiday.

Look at my face...would you? I am as pale as a ghost. It is almost 80 something degrees back at home. Sunshine. Which is a commodity here. This morning it was in the low 40's and a little sleet. So, we wore bigger coats. This afternoon, in the higher 50's and the sun shined. Then, back to a storm again. So, if you ever come to Moscow in April. Pack a lightweight coat and possibly wear layers and or a heavier coat as well and bring an umbrella!. It changes on a dime here. Sometimes you see sunshine, sometimes you don't. Mostly, you don't. But, I have only been here when it has been very cold, and semi-cold.

Here is a funny picture. There were a bunch of protesters out today. No idea of what it was for. But, for whatever reason...one of the guys wanted to pose for me and another was very interested in our camera. He started to ask me about pixels in Russian. I am sure I answered "Da" (yes) to everything. God only knows what I said....#1 this is my husband's professional amped up camera and #2 I am just learning how to read the dag on street signs ok? ;)

And then there were these guys hanging around after their march of protest of "I have no earthly idea"

The guy on the left was chomping away on a hamburger from a famous fast food place in the good ole US of A...wanna take a guess???

(oops....you busted me...I am smiling!) ;)
Blogger Margaret said...
I love the photos of the men sitting around. It's glimpses of life in Moscow. Very cool. (Plus I'm counting the people in jeans in the background... I don't have lots of dressy clothes, so I'm wondering how to pack when the time comes.)