>>Monday, April 10, 2006<<
I am an internet addict...I admit it....
I realized since our modem has been down that I have been having complete withdrawal symptoms. It started with the constant checking of the computer. My husband (who is a techie sort of guy) told me that our internet was toast until the guy came to fix it today. I refused to believe it. I kept checking the computer over and over again for the last several days. Then, came the talking to the computer. Finally, I came to realize that I am a complete internet junkie. I have missed blogging and my blogger friends. Of course, I have had a million and one things to get done before leaving on Saturday. But, blogging is a bit of therapy for me.

But, today....I had my fix!!. The "guy" (isn't what they always say whenever anyone fixes anything? ) came to fix the modem on our computer and we are now "live" WOOO HOOOO!!!!

We have mounds of things to do tonight and I know my husband thinks that I am nuts to drop everything to blog. But, hey...I have to...or else I might go crazy! ;)

Just glad to be back friends!!!!
Blogger Brian & Rebeca said...
welcome back - We were worried that after the sofa-moving activity you would be hurt!