>>Wednesday, March 29, 2006<<
HEY TEACHER!! What is that......
in your belly? Is that a baby?

Me: No, why?

Little girl: Because it sure does look like it!!

That was the beginning of my morning. Remember, I work part time with children and honestly I do love it. But, I have to tell some of the funny stories of the day.

Can you imagine me saying this to this innocent sweet little girl:

"No, there is no baby in my belly.... just an alien from outerspace begging for food everyday which makes me FAT!!"

"Yo...Kid....can't have babies...how 'bout that...I am not pregnant...i am just FAT! "

That wouldn't have gone over well, would it?. (totally joking here people about saying that to a child....maybe to an adult...which in fact several adults have asked me if I am pregnant. For goodness sake people, don't ask that question unless you see a Doctor at the other end of the table and a baby coming out screaming. Until then, it is best not to ask. :) I just have a tire belly as I lovingly like to refer to it. I am working on it, alright? Well...not actively....but, trying. :)

Now...fast forward an hour later when it is "Potty time". 5 of the children run to get in line for "Ms. Caroline" to take them to the potty. Since I was in the 3-5 year old room, the risk of Poo in the diapers story should be zip. So, going on potty runs for the older kids seem to me to be harmless. They go in the potty and I hold the door and and wait with the other kids, help them wash their hands...life is good.

Today.....was different. It wasn't Poo....it was the other P word..... Pee-Pee.....

Here how this scenerio goes...****all names and pictures have been changed*** (as if you didn't know that) :)

*Cutie Pattootie*: Teacher!! I know how to go to the potty all by myself now!.

Note: He was just moved up from the little kids class and he is very independent!

P.S. Note: In the younger kids class we put a sticker on the back for the little boys if they sit down or stand up when they have to go to the potty. Thank the good lord for me. Because I know nothing about that. I have two little girls. Everybody sits down in my house. Well, except for B....ok....TMI......Anyway, they don't put stickers on the kids in the 3-5 yr. old class. Just an FYI :)

Me: That is great that you can go by yourself now.....are you sure you are ok?

Cutie Pattootie: Yep, I sit down when I pottie.

Me: Alrighty then.

I scratch my head, thinking hmmm....I don't have a good feeling about this. I turn my back to give him privacy, walk out the door and I hear SWHISHWSHWSHHHSWHSHS which sounds like someone spray painting all over the door and the wall.

He comes out.....

Me: What happened in there?

Cutie Pattootie: Went to the pottie.

Lesson of the day: He doesn't sit down on the pottie, and the walls got a fresh coat of paint.

So, How was your day? Anything interesting??????
Blogger fuzzandfuzzlet said...
ahhh the things kids say.

My DD is fascinated with growing babies in her tummy. She keeps asking me when she can grow her own baby and I tell her to get her PHD first ;)

Somehow she assumes that a big tummy always means a baby... or two or.....

We were shopping one day and a rather large lady was in line in front of us. My DD asked her "exactly how many babies are you growing in there?"

Several days later we are at the dentist and a large man is in the waiting room. My dd walks up to him and says "I never knew men could grow babies"

Oh geesh.