>>Thursday, March 09, 2006<<
Is that Poo on your hands?
So yesterday on my post, I told you that I went back to work where I take care of children. Yesterday, I was with the 3-5 year olds playing with green playdough and feeling blissfull and childlike. Today, well......lets just say today was different.

Today, I was with the 18 month olds-3 year olds. They are also my favorite bunch of kids. They do love giving kisses. Although they are well known for massive amount of snotty noses with those kisses, but, who cares? They are too adorable. But, something happened today. I need to check the planet alignments, moon alignments...something. Because, all of the children were possessed with something. Oh, they were undoubtedly charming as always. But, although I cannot confirm this...I fully believe their moms gave them an injection of pure sugar!!.

I was in "shock and awe". Some ran into walls, while others were on tops of tables, some pushed the other kids, while others were trying to hug the next kids brains out. All the while, all of us Nursery Workers were trying to maintain chaos. This truly is not our typical day. Believe it or not. THEN, the unthinkable happens. It hasn't even happened to me yet as a mother. I hear this noise from a little child which was unaubible...something like a "ughhh or waaahhh or aahhhhh" Not sure. I turned my head around and this little boy has both of his hands in the air and they are brown. He is not a brown skinned child. He is white skinned. So, take a wild guess what the brown was?... For those that know me, you all know that I can gag at almost anything. Why I didn't today was pure miracle. Read on please if you have a strong stomach.. :)

Just so that you know...where we work...Poo-Poo (I am not going to call it what it really is here...could be sensitive people reading ;) is like an acid spill in a plant. It cannot get on anything or anywhere or the place shuts down. Period...end of story. So, for some reason...I thought that I was one of the Charlies Angels or something and I grabbed the child before he started to smear it on his face (OH YES, you read that correctly) and within an inch of him doing that, I managed to grab both of his arms to where they weren't touching anything and I had him lifted up in the air and out of that room so fast that I am sure that I could have competed in the olympics. I had to kick the door to the bathroom open with one leg. The other workers were behind me with plastic gloves, wipes, pretty much a suit to prepare me for what I had to do.

One would have thought that I was a Doctor at a World Class Hospital. With gloves and my "get up" on...I proceeded to clean up that little fellows hands while everyone else was leaving and gagging. I was alone talking to a 20 month old telling him that we were going to be ok...that all was fine. I felt like Rain Man from the movie...I was rocking back and forth and repeating to myself "It's all good, It's all good". He had the best manicure of his life today. Next came the unthinkable. Yep....the poo was up to his back. For some reason...I was in "Charlie's Angels" mode. All I could think of was "Don't let the poo touch anything, don't let it get on his clothes". Tell me something, how did it manage not to get on ANY piece of his clothing??????

After 20 minutes of working on him....I went back out and not a soul was to be found. They were already outside on the playground. This little handsome fella and I walked outside and he started to skip and laugh. I watched him and thought about what he must have been thinking in his head..... "Na Na Na na na...I put my hands in my poo today...she had to clean it up... la la la la la...I had to ruin her child like blissfull moment from yesterday".

Reality hit and that gag reflex kicked in.

What happened to that peaceful, childlike feeling from yesterday?
Blogger Margaret said...
Thank you. I needed a good laugh. That was too funny. Sorry you had to deal with that, but it makes for good blogging.

Blogger megz_mum said...
Hopefully no copy-cats or repeat performances!!

Blogger Elle said...
That was classic!!

Blogger jeneflower said...
Whatever they are paying you... it is not enough. I think you have gone way above and beyond the call of duty with that one!

Anonymous Dad said...
Caroline Dear, U B krazy, Girl !!
But I love you! I am so proud of you and Blake. My eyes get water logged when I think about what y'all are doing. God has certainly blessed all of our family..
Love you, sugahplum !

Blogger Karen said...
Hi Caroline
Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a message - I always love new people stopping by and saying hi :)
Have been doing some reading of your blog and one day I will find the time to actually read it all...
I am sure you will get your son after all the hard work you are going through.
I will be back :)