>>Friday, March 03, 2006<<
Alyona...you are not forgotten

As we are getting ourselves ready to travel, I can't help but think about Alyona. If you read our earlier posts, you will see that Alyona was the little girl that we hosted for Christmas. She is in an orphanage in Ukraine. It is hard to believe that we will only be a few hours from her. Her birthday is this month and we want to send her something to let her know that she has not been forgotten. We received something in the mail yesterday from World Vision to send a card to Philisia in Kenya for Easter. I wonder what her life is like and how she is doing?

I got word a few weeks ago that she did not get adopted. We heard that there was a chance that the family that was adopting her baby brother, might adopt her and her older brother at the same time. But, they didn't. Rumor is they will come back in 6 months. I don't know if they really will. It seems like they would have adopted them all at the same time. My heart aches for her. She is such a sweet girl. It just didn't work out for our family, and in the States, everyone thinks there aren't any healthy older girls in Ukraine. Not true. Alyona is a perfect example. I just know that her Mommy and Daddy are out there. Would you pray for her?

Blogger jeneflower said...
She is such a cutie! It is so sad that siblings get separated. It is just awful. I wish more people would adopt. It is so important and the kids want and need families so badly!

Blogger Tricia said...
Hi Caroline,
Thanks for posting to my blog. I will be anxiously waiting for your posts as you travel to Ukraine. We have also considered Ukraine, and haven't 100% ruled it out, but Russia is still our preferred country.

These ab pains are strange. Not painful, but low level throbbing which is hard to explain. I'm now on my high fiber diet so we will see if things improve.

Carlsbad? Small world. We just bought a house near El Camino and Olivenhain... you probably know the area as its where lots of shopping is. We aren't near the village, but closer to Encinitas. We love it here!