>>Wednesday, March 01, 2006<<
Pinch me please

Ok not really. You don't have to pinch that hard, because I do bruise easily and also there is no need because reality has slowly but surely set in.

The reality of it all is enormous. I mean beyond the obvious. The fact that we are on our way to having a son is HUGE in and of itself. Seriously, we are going to be holding him in our arms in 14 days. I know it will be hard leaving him. But, just knowing that we will be coming back for him and bringing him home for good makes me so excited!!

I would be remiss in saying that there weren't some other things that have been weighing on our minds. The fact of the matter that adoption is expensive!!!. I have been outside for the last several hours waiting for money to fall from the sky. But, it started to get dark and the kids were getting hungry. So, I gave up and decided to come inside.

I hear people say all the time, you should never put a value on a child. You are exactly right. I wouldn't, am not, never will. However, when all of the expenses are down on paper, you do start coughing up your own lungs. Thank goodness for at least that adoption tax credit. I suppose we will just mortgage the farm (oh yea, we don't have one...but we can mortgage something these days, I am sure). Our friends from our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class would not be happy with that line of thinking :) (sorry gang...we gotta bring our son home)

Then there is that whole flying thing. What happened to me when I had children? Hello? I have flown all over the country and to Europe and never had a problem. I would fall asleep before the plane ever took off. Now, after having two children...the second that the jet engine is on, I am that annoying passenger to your left (or right) that is constantly asking "What was that noise?, Why is the plane moving like that?" And God forbid when 9/11 happened. Since the birth of my children and 9/11..there is not enough medication, meditation, whatever "tion" in this world to calm me down. I am grasping the seat and losing my blood circulation.

Not only that, but, I have a photographic memory like you wouldn't believe. I will have memorized everyone on the plane in a nanosecond. If you ask me where is the lady in the blue suit, I can quickly tell you " Are you talking about the lady in 9A with the pin striped suit with her Jimmy Choo shoes, or 26B with the darker Navy suit with a man sitting next to her that has on a white shirt and a..." you get my drift. The deal with me is, I don't want anyone to know I am about to have a coronary arrest. So, I give that fake smile, which I am sure comes across looking like I am constipated. Nice image, I know.

SOOOOOO, needless to say, our trip to Russia, our first trip overseas since having children will be rather interesting. The last time was before I had Sophia and I was going to Germany and crossing over the ocean, I would always say "that is so awesome!!!" This time, I have already bought a blindfold and earplugs and I am holding my Bible the whole way. Say a prayer for us, will you? Actually, say an extra one for Blake..he is the one I am sitting next to.

Blogger jeneflower said...
That is so exciting that you are traveling so soon! I am the same way about airplanes, but it is the only gateway to our waiting children- so we will make it!

Blogger Elle said...
The herculean flight to Moscow is enough to put anyone over the edge. I am a seriously veteran flyer and on the flight to Korea I couldn't sleep and they only came around with the drink cart once! Give a woman more alcohol than that for pete's sake.