>>Wednesday, March 01, 2006<<
Freak out!!!
Do you remember that old disco song..."Freak out! Freak le chic.." (there seems to be a lot of silence on your end) Ok fine. So, you have never heard of it. That is what is happening right now, I am freaking out. It is a good freak out, I suppose. Wanna know why? Do you, huh? Do you, huh? (ok..I will shut up already) We got confirmation..WE GOT OUR FIRST COURT DATE!!! WOOO HOOOOOO. 2 weeks from tomorrow. (March 16th) However, two weeks from today as I write, we will be on Russian soil.

Now, lets talk about this for a minute. I am 3 weeks post-op, caught the strep infection, have a bladder infection, jacked up on the strongest dose of antibiotics known to man. I look like I am carrying a bowling ball down around my waist. NO ONE told me that the swelling would be still here. My mind thinks that I can be on the show THE AMAZING RACE, but, my body wants to check in down here at the closest Nursing Home. So, I have less than 2 weeks to talk my body into working with my mind so that the two can converge. In the meantime...I look like this....

I need to sit down on do some meditation for a minute or else I will literally look like that cat. (is that what that is?)

But, we are so excited we can't stand it. It is such a double edged sword for us though. We have friends like John and Angie who are trying to adopt their children in Ukraine and with all of the closings and re-openings with new conditions, it is taking forever. Then, I hear of sooooo many stories of how long it is taking to adopt in Russia. So, we feel bad in that sense. We will keep praying for everyone.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow! Congratulations... be sure to keep those of us still waiting informed about your experience and your visit to Russia. Your sense of humor will definately heighten your experience! Best Wishes... and hopefully you can peel yourself off of the ceiling!