>>Sunday, March 05, 2006<<
Tonight is a big night for me
Ever since I was a little girl, I have never missed the Oscar's. I think I wrote in one of my posts that at age six I had written my very own Academy Award Speech. I snuck some of my mom's makeup and put on my "Sunday's best" and in front of my very large audience gave my award winning speech. Of course, the audience was made of plastic and fur, all of my doll baby friends and teddy bears, but, they loved it!! :) My mom wouldn't let me stay up too late...but, now, I can watch the pre-pre-show and then the pre-show and then the OSCARS and then the after shows!!!.

My best friend Christy and I since college call each other every Oscar night during the middle of commercials and gab about what we just saw. "Girl, did you just hear what he said?" or " did you see what she had on? was that an ostrich outfit?" Of course, I can't begin to explain how much these nights mean to me. To you guys, you are thinking "Ok....she needs to come back down to this planet". Well, not on this night. I want to be on another planet on Oscar night. I might be watching it from my couch in sweatpants and eating popcorn. I've had this dream since a tiny tike and one night out of the year, I get to go back in time to that magical place when I was 6 years old when I really believed that it could happen.
Blogger jeneflower said...
I love the oscars too. Childhood can be so magical. I think we have all imagined in our growing up years that great things would happen to us someday. I used to wander into our walk-in coat closet often thinking this was the time I would get into Narnia!

It is fun remembering!