>>Monday, March 20, 2006<<
Happy Birthday to my Hubby!
I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet husband who has been my anchor. His day of celebrating has really been running around selling our car and looking for a new one. No rest for the weary. I love him dearly and I cannot imagine life without him. Happy Birthday B!!!

We just got back last night and got our girls and squeezed them so tight!! They were excited to see us, even though it was WAY past their bed time. By the time we made it home and brought everyone's luggage upstairs. I literally passed out on the bed with the same clothes that I had flown from Russia in. Nice, huh? I woke up today not sure what day it was or what time it was...but, what I did know was that no matter what...kids bring you back to reality fast.

Our youngest woke us up this morning to "MOM!! DAD!! WAKE UP!!!" Our oldest had the sniffles and wiped them all over herself when we tried to wake her up from a deep coma to go to school. We let her stay out today as she wasn't feeling so hot. It is such a bizarre feeling to yesterday waking up in Moscow and today waking up in North Carolina. Of course we missed the girls like crazy, but, I missed my own bed and our bulldog and cat and the everyday things of life.

But, it was wierd knowing how far away we are from Baby S. We heard that our court date might be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Which is not a long time at all. By the time we actually get settled back at home, we will be off again. I miss him and believe it or not...I miss Moscow. I miss the new friends that I had made and the old friends that are living there. But, I miss exploring and learning new things everyday. I miss seeing S and the other babies in the orphanage. I miss their smiles, I felt like if we were able to play with them and make them smile...then we gave them an extra sparkle that day. I wonder if S will even remember us when we come back?

I want to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle and Dan Hills who adopted their sweet angel from Ukraine. We all hosted together from URGEX and she was lucky enough to have hosted Yana through that program and although it is in no way an adoption program, Michelle and Dan were lucky enough to find out that she was available for adoption and got there in time to adopt Yana. She was legally adopted last week in Ukraine while we were in Moscow. We love you guys!!! We can't wait to see Yana back in the States!!!!!

By the way, if any of you ever want to talk about Hosting...I would love to talk to you about it. I know a lot about URGEX and hosting through Ukraine. Primarily older children. We had a fantastic experience with Alyona, 7 1/2 year old who is actually turning 8 this week.

Also...Happy Birthday to my sister Susan tomorrow!!!! She is our musician in the family. She has a voice that rocks!. She is a Music Teacher, and a Choir Director and a Mom to 2 beautiful children. Well, Alex is 18 and Jordan is now 15. They are not babies anymore. But, they are my babies!!!.

I will be blogging more about lots more topics. So....beware! :)
Anonymous Lorien said...

Sorry I forgot to mention that today on the phone!

Caroline - your email addy is bouncing back to me... shoot me a quick note at lorien@lighthouseadoptions.net so I can send you your app. to court.

:) L

Blogger jeneflower said...
Welcome Home! And Happy Birthday to B. I bet you are so glad to see your kids. What a pull of emotions to always have at least part of your family away from you. It will be great when your family can all be together in a few weeks!