>>Tuesday, March 14, 2006<<
Live from Moscow!!!
We are writing from balmy weathered Moscow. It is currently 30 degrees. Snow is on the ground...but, it is melting. Slushy. Can I say it is absolutely fabulous here?!?! We are too exhausted to notice what is really going on right this minute. The time change has really messed us up. Here it is already Tuesday night for us.

The flight over was long, but, uneventful. I will write more later on all the do's and don'ts so far on this trip and we just got here! :)

Vladimir (our driver, translator, all around "go to" guy) picked us up and we loved him!!. He was great. He told us so much about the history of Moscow just by the architecture. We hope we get to stay with his family the next go around. Cool guy!!

I thought that I brought some nice clothes. NOT... At least not compared to everyone here. Moscow is high fashion or at least that is what we have seen. We are staying right off of Old Arbat Street. Fur, heels, fashion baby!. Hey Regan....we saw several dogs styling and profiling.

We met up with another couple that is adopting as well. They just came in. We are going to do a tour tomorrow. Found out that we don't have to do any paperwork really tomorrow. We get to go to the Dept. of Education on Thursday and see our baby after that!!! YEA!!. I cannot believe that we are in the same town as him and we have to wait another day...... But, we are closer!!!

Well, we finished dining at a classy restaurant... yep...you guessed it....McDonald's. Tasted the same, but, harder to order.

We are going to bed now, because we have been up for almost 24 hours straight. We are broke down tired!!

No worries, I will be blogging more now that I know we have internet access. WOO HOO!!!
Blogger Margaret said...
Glad to hear from you. I've been wondering how it's going. Sounds like you're having a great time!

Blogger Tricia said...
Hooray you guys made it. Sounds like you are really living it up... McDonalds and all. jk We "treat" ourselves 1-2 times a month for their yummy fries. (And I like Big Macs) Keep us posted!

Blogger Rhonda said...
Yay, you made it! Can't wait until you get to meet your baby :)

Blogger jeneflower said...
No furs and high heel black boots, huh? What were you thinking to go to Russia without your high fashion wardrobe! Just Kidding. I know that comfort comes before beauty during an adoption in Russia. The most important thing is that you are about to meet your new child. How exciting!!

Anonymous Lori said...
Hi, Just wanted to thank you in advance for sharing your experiences. We just switched to Lighthouse (after a year wait with another agency) and things are moving so quickly that my head is spinning!! We hope to be doing the same thing you're doing in 5 or 6 weeks also - going to meet our little boy for the first time. I'm so glad Lorien told us about your blog. It's going to be fun to follow along on your adventure!! Good luck! Lori