>>Monday, April 10, 2006<<
I know that I am going overboard...

but, I feel like there is a method to my madness. We leave on Saturday for our Final Trip, the Finale, the end of the Amazing Race, the closing of one chapter and a beginning of a new one. You get my drift. I know that our district will not waive the 10 court period, so I will be there for 3 weeks. I did hear that I may be there longer because there are a couple of Russian holidays in there.

Well, before we left for our first trip with our children was buy little presents for our children for every day that we were gone. Each day, I wrote how many days that we had left until we came home (ex: "today is Thursday and Mommy and Daddy will be home in 3 days") and then I wrote them a letter from us letting them know how much we love them. Let me tell you what a big deal that was to them. They looked forward to them every morning that they woke up. For us, it was our way of letting them know that they were always on our mind. It really made the transition easier for all of us.

This time, I bought a gift for every day, that is 3 weeks for our smallest and 2 weeks for our oldest. Our oldest is flying back out with my husband. SO....in most eyes...that would seem excessive. But, you have to realize that I have NEVER been away from them for this length of time. So, I need for them to know that they are not forgotten and we are still connected.

Then, for the caregivers...I found these gift bags that have picture frames in them. I decided that we should put the pictures that we took of Baby S and put them in the frames of the gift bags and put our gift in there. My thought on it was that they have taken care of him since birth and we wanted them to have something that would be a little functional (the gift) and then personal (the gift bag).

I realize that I am creating more work for myself. But, I totally believe that in life it is the small things that make the difference. When it comes to this trip...I am a project manager. I have detailed lists and our daughters school knows how to get to us, my mother in law is coming in to town and I will make sure she knows how to get to point A to B, and I have it all planned out through May. I may stroke myself out this week....but, the end result is this beautiful baby that will be a forever part of our family. We cannot wait!

Blogging doesn't create more work...it allows me to step away from my own TYPE A'ness (I know that is not a word...but, it should be ;)

Good night for now....
Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
Caroline...so glad you are back. I was wondering what happened to you when I kept checking back and I all I saw was the picture of the couch!! I can't believe we are traveling in just a few days...in just a few days, we will be with our children in Russia. :0) gaye

p.s. how did Elle have time to design your site for you when she is getting ready to travel herself? :)

Blogger Margaret said...
I can't imagine how hard it is to leave your girls for so long. The gift-a-day idea is really nice.

It would be so cool if you could meet up with some blog friends. I wish I was going to be there, too!