>>Tuesday, April 25, 2006<<
How proud I am...
Hello everyone, I am the B that Caroline talks about from time to time. I have been the silent, well at least from the blogging perspective, partner in this amazing adoption journey. I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone and Caroline know how absolutely proud I am of her. I could not ask for a more incredible person to have as a wife. She is over in Moscow now, essentially all alone, trudging out and travelling and hour and a half each way to go see Nikolai every day. All in a foreign place where she doesn't speak the language and can't read the signs. She is doing this all for our family and I would do anything to be with her right now. I cannot wait until this Friday when I fly back over there with our 5 year old daughter to pick up Nikolai and bring him home.

A year from now, this week and a half between when I left and returned will seem like a short amount of time to us. But the significance will never diminish. Thank you Caroline. I miss you and cannot wait until this weekend. Let's bring him home!
Blogger Brian & Rebeca said...
That is so sweet! your Caroline is a gem! Hope to meet you all here in Moscow! we will be here till Sunday leaving on Monday morning. We are staying at the Arbat hotel.

Anonymous Chrisann said...
Awwww....I think a Princess Bride quote would be appropriate here, "Love....true love".

Kudos to you B man for showing your C gal a softer side of men.

Go team Ellavsky's......just a few more days to go.


Chrisann & Erin

Blogger jeneflower said...
What a sweet post!