>>Monday, September 10, 2007<<
We went to the Russian Art Store
Nikolai and I took a nice stroll downtown where we live. We stumbled upon a Russian Art Store. I decided to go in. There we met Olga. She was from St. Petersburg. We talked and talked and talked. Nikolai seemed to be drawn to the dolls and other Russian toys. She was so sweet to us. She bent down and gave Nikolai a matryoshka doll.

I know that Nikolai barely remembers the Russian language. But, when she started talking...he was very drawn to her. It was a nice surprise on a sunny day while we were waiting for M.
Blogger Starfish said...
You know, when someone babbles to our guy in spanish, I swear he recognizes it - he gets all smiley and glazed over. Must be something to it!