>>Thursday, August 09, 2007<<
Where in the world have we been?

Well hello world!!! I realize that it has been coming up on a year since I have posted. Shame for shame for shame. I could list the many different reasons. But, it would bore you to tears.

Mainly...it has been because of LIFE. Having 3 children has definitely taken life to the next level. So, by the pictures...you can see the kids are as busy and happy as ever.

Little Nikolai has gone from bald to his first hair cut and he is definitely a tow head. 3 blonde little ones. They have more energy than I could ever imagine. I am going to start posting again and let you know how the past year has been since Nikolai has been home.

I have started another blog that is on WordPress right now. I like the templates, but, am having a hard time with the formatting and frankly there are not a lot of people (so it seems that blog over there). Come check it out... www.diaryofashrinkingmama.blogspot.com
I will have it on my blog roll too. I am on a journey to Weight Loss Surgery. It is about my struggles with weight, about going through the Duke University program. It is a lot different than the adoption log.

I am really trying to get back in the blogging world. I look forward to hearing you guys!!

I have missed you all!!


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Blogger Tricia said...
very weird! i just happened to go back to a bunch of blog links that i filed...and here you posted today! good to see you are back, and i'll check you out at your other blog.

Blogger Starfish said...
That's funny, I was about to delete you from my blogrolls just yesterday! Glad I decided not to. Welcome back, can't wait to hear what you've been up to!