>>Monday, June 12, 2006<<
Just wanna have fun...

That is what our gang likes to do... going to ballgames, playing with bubbles, riding around...I haven't uploaded any pictures of the trampoline and swimming. That is their favorite thing to do.

Little N is as bald as ever....EXCEPT, I will have to say that he is growing out some hair and it is coming in blonde. Those that never met us and don't know we have adopted will say to us
" they all look alike", even those that know we adopted say how uncanny it is that he looks like his sisters. It wouldn't matter to me what he looks like...he is a doll baby.

We had an interesting situation come up at the NC Ukrainian/Russian Adoption picnic yesterday. We were all in the pool and one of the little boys that was adopted came up to him and asked all about him and what his former name was. Little N was very interested in this boy. He kept reaching out for him. N reached out to the little boy with his right hand (the one that is deformed) and the little boy screamed. He apologized profusely afterwards, he said it just scared him. He thought N had been burnt bad or something. I explained about how N was born that way. The little boy was great about it. I realize that most people have never seen a hand like N's. I suppose that we are so used to it that we don't even notice it. We have never really noticed it.

We did take N to the hand surgeon and they said that they could do surgery on his hand. However, one of the fingers that is welded in with the middle 3 does not have a bone. So, they will be able to seperate, but, he will only have 4 fingers. He is so good with his hands, that I can't even imagine them being seperated. But, I know it will be for the best for his future. It just pains me to think that he might be teased one day. But, I fully believe in not making a big deal out of anything. If you are not freaked out...others won't be.

Just like the other day, N has taken to the water like a fish. We are going to have to watch out for him. He likes to go out on his own. I have to remind him "Hello, you just learned how to walk....lets take it easy son!" :) Our girls were and are just as independent. Whew!. Busy household!

Hope all is well with everyone!! Anything new in anyone's life? Love to hear from you!!!

Blogger Margaret said...
Love the picture of the three of the kids. Your oldest does look amazing like you.

It would be really hard to decide on surgery or not -- especially considering it doesn't seem to slow him down at all. If I know you at all, you'll research everything and make and educated and thoughtful decision.

Blogger Granny said...
I like what you said about not freaking out.

Elcie has become accustomed to stares and questions over the years. When she's asked why she "walks funny" or why she has a wheelchair she tells them and usually makes a new friend.

So far no teasing or none that she's told me about.

Blogger megz_mum said...
Nice photos of the children! Glad everyone is better, and everything sounds back to normal.

Blogger ipodmomma said...
that is just so cute, the three of them...

and he does looks like his sisters. :)))

had a spell of warm weather! that was very nice... :)))

enjoy your summer... who knows? maybe N might be a pro swimmer someday...

Blogger jeneflower said...
What a cute family. I bet they all have a lot of fun together.

That will be such a miracle when little N gets more use of his fingers. I bet he is so good at using his hand the way it is he won't know what to do with all the great new hand tools.

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Blogger Starfish said...
Is it just me or is there some Home Alone McCauley Kulkin in that sweet little face? (Meant totally as a compliment. My brother was born with two thumbs and had one removed and his hand is still a little deformed...he makes jokes about it and finds that once you talk about it people forget about it.

Blogger 6blessings said...
It was so good to read your post about everyone having summer fun. I'm so glad you are past your madness. Hopefully, the rest of the summer will roll smoothly on.

Loved the pics. What a sweet family!

Blogger adoptedthree said...
hi Caroline
Glad you found my blog saw your comments. (http://itsagirlseyler.spaces.msn.com)

Hey I am going to link you up so hope that is okay!

Love your little one's namesake too- Nikolai

For some reason I have a Nikolai as well. Maybe it is because it is such a cool name. maybe we can begin a new American trend!

mom to the three UA cuties-Vitaly, Nikolai and Oksana

Blogger Lisa M said...
Caroline - I am just getting caught up on what's going on. The last I read, you were brining home your son. I really cant wait to talk with you personally and would like to plan a trip to see you and family. I had H-Pylori a few months ago, got my gallbladder taken out, quit my job and now have Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever!!1 I thought it was a myth - apparantly not!
I am so thrilled to know that you and your WHOLE family are back home together. Please give me a call soon so we can catch up or at least plan a time for a visit.
888-685-5048 (my direct line)
I need to go back and get all caught up on what's happening! I always start from the top and read backwards, the same way I do with magazines! Love and miss ya so much!!


Blogger jeneflower said...

I forgot to mention that on my screen your side bar is now above your posts. I am not sure why, but you might look into it. You probably have a larger screen so you can't see this.

Blogger Debbie said...
Cute kids! Nikolai looks like he is having lots of fun with the girls.
Glad your summer is starting off great.

Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
The kids are beautiful...Nikolai looks so happy :) And that is great news from the surgeon...you have such a wonderful outlook :) gaye

Blogger jencc said...
how are the kids? glad they look well...did you ever find a homeopath?