>>Saturday, June 10, 2006<<
Hockey Madness!!
I know that my girl Elle is out there and my new blogger friend Sheena from Australia daring our Carolina Hurricanes to win the Stanley Cup. :) (Elle, you know I am giving you a hard time)
This is only Game 3 and Carolina is in Edmonton right now....but, I am hoping for the best for the 'Canes!!

I have to say that my week has turned out well despite how it ended as of last week. S is back at home and doing great. She had her birthday party today that we had to move from last weekend. It was actually a lot of fun!. It is funny how kids work. We rented one of those Moon Walks. It was this big inflatable castle. We thought that the kids would love that!. They barely used it. They were fascinated with everything but the inflatable! But, yet...if we are at a place where there is one of those...they will break their neck trying to get in. Go figure!. But, they all had a blast.

Believe it or not, Potty humor is still king. Who knew? Seriously. The kids who came to the party got a "Whoopie Cushion" in their gift bags. The main reason we got that was because when S was in the hospital... B got her one to make her laugh...not only did it make her laugh..but, everyone who visited her. So, that is what we got. And let me tell you something...we gave it to the kids and they didn't stop playing with that toy. The laughter that was around was incredible!. I couldn't stop laughing because they were all laughing so hard. Our dog Lilly couldn't figure out what was happening and she started running in circles. Believe it or not...all of the adults were laughing too. I have laughed more today than I have laughed in a long time.

Baby N is loving life right now. We took him to the pool yesterday and I think he is a fish. If he had fins..I would never see him again! :) They had so much fun. It is so nice to have a few great days after such a crazy time in our lives.

AND another great thing that has happened...I think I mentioned that I am on the South Beach Diet. It is coming up on 3 weeks and I have lost 15 pounds! WOO HOO!. Ok...so, i have about 60 to go. But, I can't look at it that way. I am just thrilled to have those pounds gone!

I have to run now....The 'Canes are in the 3rd period and my nerves are shot!!! :)
Blogger Margaret said...
I'm glad things are looking up. Your household had more than it's fair share.

Congrats on the diet success.

Blogger Granny said...
Checking back in and relieved to find more good news.

Take care,


Blogger Granny said...
sunday - no email address for you so here's what I would have said.

I was lucky enough to meet Mollie and her younger girl when she
visited CA in March. She's just as awesome in person.

By all means, let's keep in touch. I love email and/or comments.

Blogger 6blessings said...
Glad to hear things are better around your household. Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm no good at diets. I start them, lose 10 pounds, get off of the diet, gain it all back. I admire anyone who can stay on one consistently!!

Blogger jeneflower said...
My kids would go crazy with a whoopie cushion. I just don't even dare to get one.

Blogger Elle said...
Congrats on the weight loss.

Go Oilers!!! I knew your precious Canes wouldn't pull off a win in Rexall. Have you ever been to a hockey game in Canada? The fans are rabid!!! I am still recovering from a Florida Hockey team winning the Cup last time. The Canadians deserve to have Lord Stanley's Cup back in its rightful place. All that and I'm not even Canadian. Hmm.

Blogger Elle said...
Ok, that sounded like I was at the game when the Lightning won. I was not. Sad.

Blogger ipodmomma said...
boy, do I know that feeling! loving sports the way I do, sometimes you feel completely wrung out!

hang in there... glad to hear all are feeling better!