>>Wednesday, May 24, 2006<<
It is hard to believe that today is Wednesday. We have been home now from Moscow for 2 1/2 weeks. However, we feel like we have all been a family forever. It is so strange to be experiencing so much of Nikolai's "firsts". The last time he was sick, he was in the orphanage. This time...he is home. It was me going to the ER, then Blake feeling ill, now N has a fever for a couple of days with blisters in his mouth. I keep staring at the girls as if a spot will show up on them or something. As a mother, you can't be sick. I suppose that is why I keep getting sick is because I never recover from the last thing. But I do believe that is what happens to every mother. I am no exception.

But, watching N get so sick from this virus...it was so sad to me to know that all of the times before when he was sick, he had no one to hold him and to tell him it was ok. He had a hard time with being sick and me holding him. It seemed like he didn't want to be touched. But, after a couple of days of this...he has found us as a comfort. You should see him when B comes home!! That little boy is like our girls...they live to see him! The smile on his face even with a fever has been so sweet to see. He is learning how to give kisses. Even though I know he has been sick....I don't care so much because when you see those blue eyes and he puckers his lips to give you a big kiss. How can you not?

The girls still think he is their own personal baby doll. They love on him so much. He has never had this much attention and I do believe that he is overwhelmed. The girls don't understand why they can't squeeze him all the time or pick him up and carry him around like a doll or kiss him until he has been kissed til no end.

I am on the South Beach Diet as of Monday and I am doing the best that I can. I know, it is only day 3. But, this is HUGE for me. I have had no sugar and have not cheated. I found out I ate more than my portions of peanuts. Ooops.....didn't know there was a limit in a given day. I miss my Diet Coke, my sugar....carbs, sugar...did I say sugar?. How my husband is living with me right now...well...that is called love :) I eat when i am stressed or a lot of chaos is going on or I don't feel well. Last night I was so excited to eat tomatoes...I thought I was in heaven. I would have never eaten tomatoes deliberately ;0 But, i have to do this for me to get rid of the weight and feel better. Wish me luck!!

Well...I am off now to peel the girls out of the sprinkler and N is hungry, but, poor guy doesn't feel like eating anything because his throat hurts so bad. It breaks my heart just like it does with any of our children when they are sick. They look so pitiful. But, I do believe in TLC... Tender Loving Care.
Blogger Brian & Rebeca said...
Good luck on your diet! I follow (kind of) the same South Beach Diet ... it is a healthy way of eating ... Hope your family starts feeling better

Blogger Margaret said...
I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Blogger jeneflower said...
I can't believe it has been that long since you returned from Moscow. I hope N is feeling better by now. It sounds like it has been a rough homecoming with everyone sick. I hope it all smooths out soon. Let us know how the diet thing is going.

Blogger Eli's Mom said...
I love, love, love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your family with everyone! The pictures of the girls with N are adorable...I'll be checking back often!