>>Wednesday, May 03, 2006<<
Hey Mom....do we take the green line or the blue line?

Our daughter S asked us that today as we went back to Arbat Street on the Metro today in Moscow. I shook my head as if I had water in my ears. It sounded so bizarre to me to hear our almost 6 year old with her little kids "sunglasses" on and her looking at me so serious. She said it again "Mom...I said...which line are we taking today?". Excuse me...when did our daughter grow up? :) She has been here for 5 days and has the people around here eating out of her hands. Actually, her and Nikolai could corner the market on that. She goes around saying "Spasiba" (not spelled correctly...I know) which means "thank you" and she always tells everyone goodbye "das vi dahn ya".

Here she is posing in front of the Kremlin. She wants to go into acting. Hmmm....wonder who wrote their Academy Award Speech at age 6? Mom maybe.... My poor husband...he has 3 drama queens and prince on his hands :)

Now Nikolai is in on the act and he waves goodbye. We have the babushka's smiling at us on the Metro. Now that my friends....is a miracle.

Speaking of babushka's (the grandmothers)....we walked out of the apartment door on Sunday and it was a little breezy and within a millisecond...a babushka came up to us and said something that resembled yelling and spitting. But, we figured it out because she kept pointing to Nikolai's pants....near the bottom of his pants leg, his skin was showing. NOTE TO SELF: In the winter (obvious), but also in the spring...now, I am wondering about the summer...the little ones have to be covered from head to toe or you could have a "Karate Kid" show on your hands. They (babushka's) scare the ever living daylights out of me. There are crack addicts around here and I am no where near afraid of them as much as I am of some of the grandmothers. You just wait :)

Nikolai now completely walks on his own. He still likes to walk alongside the furniture, but, I was so excited that I saw his first few steps only a few short weeks ago. Now that he is here with us, he walks everywhere. We took him to Red Square and he wanted out of the stroller. He wanted to walk that Square that has so much history to it. It is crazy, I know...but, I swear he was checking out all of the scenery and was like "you mean to tell me, this is where I have been living the whole time and all I have seen is those 4 walls?"

Anonymous Michelle said...
Is that a super model in the green coat? :o) I miss that beauty!