>>Thursday, July 31, 2008<<
Nikolai's hand surgery
Well, the day finally came where Nikolai had to have surgery. He was born with ABS, which is Amniotic Banding Syndrome. In short, his right hand was fused together...well, at least 3 of his fingers. We were supposed to have the surgery a while back, but, he couldn't seem to gain enough weight to undergo anesthesia.

So, on Tuesday...he went under. Let me tell you what..I did not sleep the night before. The morning of, I just prayed for peace. God delivered. Nikolai was laughing with all of the nurses and flirting. It cracked me up. He had a crowd in there just watching his antics. It was hard to see him go down the hall to the surgery room. But, as he passed everyone, he made the spiderman fingers and pretended to put spider webs all over everyone. Again...he was hamming it up. It could be that he was a little funnier because they gave him so calming medicine.

The surgery was about 2 1/2 hours. When we got to him, he was crying pretty hard. Mind you, they basically broke his fingers apart and reconstructed 2 of them. He will only have 4 fingers. He was angry about his hand. It was wrapped up in a bandage and had a huge sock on it. Then, he happened to look under the sheets and was really mad. He had also a circumcision. As strange as this may sound, they needed the skin for grafting on his hand. A side note: I don't think that I will tell him that when he is older. He won't appreciate that too much :) But, when he looked under the sheets...he threw his hands in the air and with such exasperation said "OH MAN!! MY WEINER HAS A BOO-BOO" and then dramatically slammed his hands down on the side of the bed. I had to turn my head because I was laughing. The way he said that was hilarious. But, his pain was not. He was in pain.

When we took him home, we were in shock how great he was doing. He woke up yesterday and was acting like nothing happened. Then, around 9:00am, he started feeling really bad. He had a rough day. Last night, he broke out with shingles again. He had it last week. Our pediatrician said that they had never seen a child that young have shingles. So, now he is really ticked off.

Today was hard on us both. I couldn't seem to comfort him and he couldn't get comfortable. He is itching to death from the shingles and they hurt, and his hand hurts and his other part hurts. They gave him some pain medicine, but, it jacks him up pretty hard. Instead of resting, he is rocking back and forth and is very uncomfortable. Please pray for him that his recovery will be swift.

Hope you all are well!!
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Blogger Brad Johnson said...
As Most of you know, Caroline passed away on February 21, 2010. Every so often I go back and read her blogs and can barely make it though the 1st page before the tears start to flow. I was crushed when I lost my best friend...my sister and that pain will never go away. What she left behind were some amazing stories, memories and words that penetrate my soul like nothing else. So yes - it's very painful, but reading the story about N's had surgery and his circumcision that my little guy had no idea about. The words don't do the justice to how incredibly HILARIOUS his reaction was when he looked under the sheets. Caroline downplayed everyone's reactions....after I picked myself up off the floor in gut wrenching laughter...I had to leave the room! Yes later on he was diagnosed with Shingles and that was miserable for my man. He came home a day or so later and with every guest that came to visit, usually within the 1st 5-10 minutes Nik was anxious to let everyone know about his surgery - but his hand was secondary..."Wanna see my weiner surgery" and before you could utter "ummm...what...no.." his pants were down and full frontal bandage was out! I think b/c everyone was baffled and didn't know what to say but their shock, laughter and the general disbelief or amazement in their facial expressions, was the reason he kept dropping those shorts. Everyone was like "ahhhh, poor guy, i'm so sorry about your hand...boring" Instead.."wanna see my boo boo on my weenie" got a much better crowd reaction. We actually had to sit him down quite a few times to say...buddy - you can't show everyone your injured weiner...that's a private thing. His response "But why..Look..they did surgery one it..and down came the shorts!!! He's still a lady killer - but much more reserved these days - somewhat shy! Believe you me...when I think he's ready...at one of our family get together's at Christmas or Thanksgiving, that story will come up and probably everyone there will bust out in laughter, maybe even laugh so hard a "snort" comes out and will say"Hell yeah, I remember when Nik wanted to show everyone his wounded wee-wee" And to make him feel better - most of the men in the family will quote an Austin Power's movie quote "My lord! You're a tripod. What you been feeding that thing, eh? It looks like a baby's arm holding an apple." It's good to laugh when memories of my sister come up - it doesn't happen often - I love you C and miss you terribly. Your Bro - B